The first thing you need to realise about ‘style’.

Shoes are my favourite outlet for self expression but you could start with hair accessories or small peices of jewlery.

Did you know your clothes are always talking? You can’t hear them because you’re not listening, or your busy listening to everybody else’s clothes.  We  all know the fun of people watching comes down to phyco analysing passers by, based on their wardrobe choices. Sure we do it for a giggle, but did you ever stop to consider how close to the truth those insights might be? Every choice you make about your clothes, you do as a form of self-expression even if it comes down to putting very little effort in at all – that’s your way of saying ‘I don’t conform to fashion” and maybe that’s the way you felt on one particular day or perhaps that’s an ongoing look for you. I don’t believe fashion (by definition) is for everyone. I do believe an outfit speaks a thousand words.

Personally, my clothes say that I’m confused! I can’t work out if I want to be a fairy or an entrepreneur. Luckily, as women, we have intuition on our side that says ‘don’t wear tulle to work!’…. so I’m safe there.  And I do love my business clothes. I love my tailored high waist skirt, corporate up-do and I love to secretly imagine myself as a 1940’s power woman. I choose to wear corporate clothes in a corporate world because I want my outfit to proclaim.. “I’m a successful young business women.” And that’s just the tip of the ice burge; I have many different personalities and styles to match. Your clothes – your style – is telling your story, why not embrace it!

Whether you’re a sexy girl, or a reserved girl, a glamour puss or a natural girl next door, showing you put a little effort into the way you look, says that you take pride in being you. Women that feel they’re lack of effort shows they value inner beauty really have things all mixed about. Inner beauty could, and should, be one of the first things people see from you.

So how can you achieve the perfect look to reflect your perfect self?

Imagine yourself at a cocktail party with me. If you told me I looked great, and I said “Oh gosh, thankyou, I spent hours trying to get my hair to look this good”! What would you think? You’d probably think, “Oh thank goodness, I was starting to think I had no style but really I just have no time”. You look at other women and get disheartened because they seem to do it with such ease.  And yet that’s just not true.

Here’s the secret I want you to remember. Personal style isn’t as easy as some women make it look. Sure, most stylish women down play their effort by saying things like “oh, this old thing, I just threw it on last minute”.  That’s not true! And in the rare cases that it is true, it’s a result of years of practice.

You don’t have to have natural instincts for style, you just have to be consistent with a little effort here and there until you build up your tool box of tricks. And the pay off is, you’ll feel great. That inner beauty that you cherish will be available for everyone to see. You’ll feel like the elegant, feminine or creative women that you are.

Listen to your clothes and wear their personality proudly. People are drawn to genuine self confidence so if you feel great and your outfit says ‘Hey, I’m sexy and I love it” then others will love it too.

This is my latest mood board (made in photoshop) from different pics I found - courtesy of google - it helps me to feel out my taste and re-discover what look I love. Think of it as a visual representation of your inner personality. You can make one for yourself from magazine cut-outs. just like a vision board, mood boards help you to discover what you really love and stay focused on it when you're practicing new looks. You'll learn a lot about your style, try it!

4 thoughts on “The first thing you need to realise about ‘style’.

  1. Audrey

    Brilliantly said! I feel so inspired to just put a little more effort in here and there. Thanks for the uplifter!

    P.s. Love the mood board!

    1. Vanessa Post author

      Thanks Auds, good on you! Would be fun to put a pretty little braid or a little flower in your awesome curls 🙂

  2. Shayna

    Hi miss nessi ! That was a very inspiring and a good read!! What was my outfit telling u this morning at brekki !? Lol xx

  3. Louise

    I agree! I like to think I come across as a entrepreneurial fairy :0)


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