What does make-up have to do with beauty anyway?

Did you see my mum on Farmer wants a wife? How beautiful she is. She’s a loveable person and a looker too!

I truly believe that beauty shines from the inside. Call it cheesy if you like – and then look around at all your friends and family. Who do you adore most? What do you find attractive about them? Do you know someone who seems more beautiful the longer you know them? And what does it all have to do with makeup?

Often the reason we turn to makeup is to make our eyes bigger, our skin clearer or our cheeks rosier; and yet, years of experience has taught me that the most powerful thing makeup can do is make you feel better about yourself.  And that is the number one reason I love being a makeup artist.

Laura and Mum

Mum and my big sis Laura


I recently started teaching makeup to ladies of all ages, and I realised we’re actually all trying to improve the reflection in the mirror. That’s what makeup does for you. Once you can look at your own reflection and feel good about yourself, you can do anything.  

So how did mum get on Farmer Wants a Wife? Well, she recruited my help of course! We know the power of first impressions, so, we flicked her hair a little to show off her cheekbones, defined her bright blue eyes and kept her styling nice and natural to show farmer john how down to earth she is.

And at the end of the day, the first thing I noticed when I saw her on tele, was how beautifully comfortable she is in her own skin. Sure she doesn’t feel that way everyday, no woman does! That’s why the egyptions invented mascara! (That, and to ward of evil spirits).   

Next time you see someone looking gorgeous tell them so! Maybe they don’t realise it today.

Mum, you did your daughters proud.

Speak to you soon



Me, Mum, Laura and Auds

Me, Mum, Laura and Auds


2 thoughts on “What does make-up have to do with beauty anyway?

  1. Jade

    Nessi, you have quite the way with words. What a beautiful thing to read. I saw your mum on the show and your right, she was gorgeous!

  2. Deb

    Love your blog Nessi, words from the heart are always strong and meaningful. I know how I felt after you were here and changed the way I looked and felt… It was amazing, so I know what you are saying is very true because I felt it… Thanks so much… You are a very Special lady with many Awesome talents to share… Enjoy the journey because you are creating Magic… x


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