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Miss Nessi provides Mobile Hair and Makeup Services across the Sunshine Coast – weddings, formals, galas, portraits.

Having your hair and makeup done can be exciting or daunting. Too much make-up or a hairstyle that’s just not ‘you’ can leave you feeling more glum than glam. We’ve honed our craft to make sure no one ever feels overdone or underdone with our hair and makeup looks. How do we do it? We take our time to understand the look you want to achieve and work with your ideas and our experience to tailor something that’s super flattering and that you feel comfortable with. We love our craft and given the opportunity we love creating show-stopping looks, but for us, a truly impressive hair and makeup is one that looks both jaw-dropping and effortless, stunning but natural. And we’re not afraid to offer our professional opinion if we think a style isn’t going to turn out how you might have imagined because we understand not everyone knows what will be their best look, and everyone deserves to feel a million bucks!

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Bridal upstyle for Kat – Married July 2016

Our Service Philosophy

We promise great service and creative talents that don’t go over the top. We’re a team of down to earth stylists that really care about creating something special for you. We love creating the wow jaw-dropping look as much as the effortless beauty because for us each takes delicate care and attention and is creative in its own right. Creative doesn’t mean ‘caking’, ‘baking’ and ‘strobing’. For us, it means creating a look which accentuates your features while emphasising your natural beauty. Our hair styles are soft yet firm enough to last all night – we make them dance proof! We subtly tweak and tailor each look so that it works beautifully with your personal features.

Above all else, we listen. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction so you can count on us to really listen to you. Even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for, that’s OK by us. You can either bring us pictures of your hair and makeup ideas or we’re happy to take the time to help you work out your most ideal hairstyle and makeup look – something that flatters your personal style and is the perfect combination of being really inspired without being overdone.

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Bridal upstyle wedding hair and makeup

Kat & Shane, Image by Emma Nayler (who is amazing btw!)